After nearly four decades of experience, Jeanne's focus of loving kids in the local church through.

"The motivation and mentorship of Kamikaze Christianity into practicing and potential kingdom champions,"

has now evolved into leading the Youth Leader's Coach team to

"Encourage, instruct, equip and inspire the youth pastors and youth leaders of this generation."

The vision of Youth Leader's Coach is to provide a system of support to youth pastors and youth leaders across the nation. Barna Research tells us that 93% of all decisions made for Christ occur before the age of 19. The Youth Leader's Coach team recognizes the need to reach the youth pastors who will impact this strategic group of individuals. Working together, we can significantly impact the youth culture of this generation.

The youth ministry battlefield is often lonely, unappreciated and self-defeating. Thus, we are devoted to creating a community of support among youth pastors, as well as a treasury of proven youth ministry tools and training. Through consistency and the pursuit of excellence, we hope to raise the bar for youth ministries around the nation. At the same time we want to provide the means for youth pastors to not only reach their goals, but to surpass them.

As a team, we are committed to upholding integrity and excellence while remaining innovative, relevant and relational to all of the youth pastors and youth leaders we are privileged to serve. Each new resource and service provided through this ministry will reflect the values we prioritize as a team.

Through our products and services we will provide materials that we believe will redefine the work of youth ministry. Our goal is to begin to help youth pastors and youth leaders understand the concepts of time, endurance and authentic concern for teenagers.

Ultimately, we hope to see all youth pastors and youth leaders begin to build ministries based on Jeanne's simple 3-fold success formula for thriving youth ministry: "Work your guts out ? Pray your guts out ? and love their guts out."