Dating Declassified

Dating Declassified
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DATING DECLASSIFIED was originally released as UNCENSORED:  Dating, Friendship, and Sex

Topics Include:

- Where Playboy and I Agree
- Breaking Up Without Falling Apart
- The Big Secret of Making Friends
- A Guaranteed Way to Predict Your Future
- How to Have More Friends Than You Deserve
- Solo Sex
- I Thought You Said You Loved Me
- Porn -- The Male and Female Kind
- And More!

Jeanne Mayo, with over 20 years in youth ministry, shares powerful illustrations and scriptural teaching to teens on poignant topics including sex before marriage, homosexuality, dating, falling in love, and friendship. Each reading starts with a startling quote followed by minute segments that peak into teen's conversations and secret rendezvous. Jeanne's conversational but direct style keeps readers on their toes and paints detailed word pictures that teens will not forget easily. Not only will they learn powerful scriptural truths, but they will enjoy reading every single entry and be ready to share with their friends. Dating Declassified will inspire teens to look at their day to day situations in a new light and be ready when life throws them a difficult choice. This material is also ideal for small group Bible studies and youth groups!